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Africa Investment Guide

Invest In Africa With Confidence

Who We Are

Africa Investment Guide is a consulting service that help people who are interested in investing in Rwanda or relocating there! Africa Investment Guide is here to help you on that journey. We assist ambitious and heart centered entrepreneurs and business owners from the Diaspora with fast market entry in Rwanda. Africa Investment Guide share strategies, action-steps, and rare insights that immediately empower you to take leaps. Let Africa Investment Guide help you build your network.


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Relocate to Rwanda

Join Us In Rwanda
PRICES Starting From $25/Night

Move to Rwanda and start a business! We
can  help you every step of the way, from a
house to buy or rent to business startup.

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Buy Rwanda Real Estate

PURCHASE REAL ESTATE From anywhere in the world Contact us for more information.


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Join Our Investment Group
Rwanda Vacation Packages


Invest as little as $100 / Month to begin earning passive interest

Explore Kigali and the countryside as you join us to experience the beauty of Rwandan culture, craft, and community.

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Car Hire and Driver

A Personal Driver for our Guests. We offer our customers a fully dedicated and personalized service in every aspect.

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For a little less than the average cost of renting an apartment, residents get a tiny slice of paradise in a lush, landscaped setting. Designed by AIG, the tiny homes range in size and can accommodate two to six people. Each dwelling is situated on its own manicured lot, and the village provides all the comforts of a suburban neighborhood:

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