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We are here to create your Perfect African Vacation.

Rwanda is like no other place on Earth! Vast, sweeping, diverse, complicated and breathtaking,You'll have one of the most memorable trips of your life here.

"We are here to create your Perfect African Vacation. We can handle all your travel plans to Rwanda, for one person or a large group!

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Why book with us?

We take pride in treating you as if you were
friends or family, We want to ensure that your time in Rwanda exceeds your expectations, and that you’ll be back a lot sooner than you expected. You are unique, and so are your requirements! Our travel experts pay attention to detail and interpret travel dreams according to your needs. We work tirelessly to weave together the perfect combination of elements to create your custom made itinerary.


My team and I at Africa Investment Guide believe in being customer-centric and pride ourselves in personalized service. Our promise to you is that we will tailor each itinerary to your exact needs. Rwanda Travel, wildlife and conservation lie very
close to my heart and by appointing a dedicated team that share the same passion for this untamed, rugged country; your holiday to Rwanda will undoubtedly be nothing short of magical.

Ty Nichols / Africa Investment Guide - CEO, Senior Travel Specialist

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