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Now you can be a part of the revolution sweeping the world by living in an eco-friendly, custom built AIG

Tiny Home in the brand new Hidden Valley Village.

 For $500 A Month, You Can Own A Tiny Home at Hidden Valley Village in Rwanda

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Great Location

Just 15 minutes outside of Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda, roughly in the center of the country. It sprawls across numerous hills, ridges and valleys, and has a vibrant restaurant and nightlife scene.

Zero Down Financing

Financing is available with as little as zero down and there is a rental program to offset some or all of your costs.  If you want to visit the Village and stay overnight just click here for reservations.  The Village is perfect for a unique and relaxing getaway and to experience the Tiny Home phenomenon.

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Safe and Secure

The Village is a safe, secure, private sanctuary just off a brand new, lighted two lane road,  conveniently close to what you need. There is fast access to Hwy RN4 and shopping is just minutes away.  All of Kigali is an easy commute, and it's less than two hours to most National Parks and the #1 rated beaches at Lake Kivu, Rwanda.  

The Process for
Purchasing is Simple

Just choose a site and a model. (Note: some sites already have specially selected models under construction on them)  Site costs do vary depending on location from premiere mountain view to wilderness sites. Already there are multiple units in place in the first phase of the Village. These first units have incredible mountain views and vary in size from a 1 bedroom tiny home to a 2 bedroom Home.

The sites are leased for one year and automatically renew.
Site fees are payable in advance unless you are part of the rental program in which case they are paid monthly.   

Move in and enjoy!  ​



How quickly can I get my Tiny House?

We have a few units and prime sites available immediately. Otherwise it is normally 60-90 days.


Is the Village a part of Kigali?

While adjacent to Kigali, the Village is a completely separate entity. The grounds of Hidden Valley Village are Hidden Valley Village guests only.  You can make a reservation to dine at Hidden Valley Village as an outside guest subject to availability.


Can I stay overnight in homes in the Village?

Absolutely. The Village is perfect for a unique getaway...just click here for rates and



What are the monthly costs?

Your home will have it's own electric meter and billing comes directly from the Village.  You will need insurance, which is readily available. The only other major cost is the lot/site cost which varies by location from $350/mo to $600/mo. and covers all maintenance in and around your unit as well as the public areas plus water, sewer and cable TV.  In addition, an important

service that is included is we regularly check units for security purposes and to protect your investment.  There is a $25 cleaning fee if you are part of the rental program.  


What about property taxes?

All property taxes are paid by Hidden Valley Village Mountain Retreat.  


How do I participate in the rental pool?

You are not required to be in the rental program.  But if you do want to participate, we have a long track record of running a successful rental program at our many properties. Of course your results will vary depending on many factors including but not limited to how many days you use your unit per year plus the type and location of your unit.  Contracts for the rental pool

are done on a yearly basis with the rental fee divided 50/50.  In addition, to participate in the rental pool, your unit will have to conform to the look and furnishings guests expect. The Village rental program is the only one allowed for homes in the Village.


How many houses will be in the Village?

The Hidden Valley Village is a very low density development.  Set on over 100 acres, when complete approximately 90% of the property will remain wild with mountain views and wilderness with units strategically placed to maximize privacy and green space.


Can I alter my Hidden Valley Village House?

Yes, you own it.  However you can not participate in the rental pool if your home does not conform to the look rental guests expect.

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